Online workshops September – November 2023

Here are the NEW workshop dates for September – November 2023. All the workshops are 3 hours and I limit my numbers to 10 students to ensure everyone get individual attention.

If a workshop is FULL then please do send me a message so I can add you to my email list for next terms workshops.



All workshops cost £35 and are conducted via Zoom

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Introduction to Linocut

The introduction to linocut session is a great way to embark on your linocut journey. It is a 3-hour class where you will learn the basics of linocut – how to use the tools, create and carve your own design and ink and print it successfully. You will need your own kit but I will send you a list upon booking with suggestions on where to source the materials.

Multi Block Linocut

In this workshop you will be using separate blocks for different colours. You will learn how to design, carve and print a multi block linocut in the colours of your choice and how to register the layers. At the end of the workshop you will have printed a small edition of your print. Detailed instructions will be sent out beforehand.

Drypoint Printmaking

Drypoint is a form of intaglio printmaking where the image is created by scratching onto a surface with a hard pointed needle. It is often mistakenly referred to as etching, this is incorrect as it doesn’t involve any acid, so it isn’t etching but rather a form of engraving. The process of scratching onto the surface creates a slightly raised ragged, rough edge to the lines, known as the burr, giving the printed line a distinctive velvety look

In this workshop we will experiment with using tetra pak and Perspex as our drypoint surface (or metal if you have it) These will then be inked up in a variety of ways, using different techniques. We will also experiment with Chine Collé, which is a form of collage, embedded onto the print.

This workshop is suitable for student without a press.

Building a sketchbook practice

Many of you have followed me on my drawing adventures and I’ve had lots of requests to create a sketchbook workshop, so here it is!

During the workshop, we will discuss drawing materials, and I will share my preferred equipment for drawing out and about. I will help you set up your own kit and offer lots of suggestions for building up a regular drawing practice. You will spend part of the workshop drawing in your sketchbook, following a selection of exercises and by the end of the 3 hours you will be motivated to continue your sketchbook journey.

Introduction to Drawing

This workshop is suitable for complete beginners to come along and have a go at drawing in a relaxed and supportive environment. We will look at mark-making, ways of ‘seeing’ and draw from a simple still life set up. We will use a range of materials including charcoal, pens and pencils. I will also suggest ways to incorporate drawing into your life so that it becomes a fun way to document your travels and everyday life.

Reduction Linocut

In reduction linocut (otherwise known as suicide linocut), the design is produced from one single linocut block, layering up the colour each time the linocut is cut. This technique is a challenging way to produce an edition of prints, as by the end of the session there will be little to none left of your linocut block! Detailed instructions will be given before the start of the workshop so you will have time to prepare your design and be clear about what will be achieved during the workshop.

Experimental Printmaking

In this workshop we will be experimenting with combining linocut and monoprint in exciting and innovative ways.

First of all, we will experiment with stencil monoprint, then we move onto combining monoprint and linocut in a variety of ways and then we explore chine collé , which is a form of collage embedded onto your print. Under my guidance you will spend the rest of the workshop creating prints that mix the different techniques using your own imagery and inspiration.

I will encourage you to cut up and print linocut blocks that you aren’t attached to and to take risks with your work. It’s a fast paced workshop and you will produce lots of prints.

Experimental Drawing

This is an intermediate level workshop and is suitable for those students who have completed my ‘Introduction to Drawing’ workshop or for those with some drawing experience.

During the workshop, you will be experimenting with a variety of different drawing techniques using a variety of mediums. It can be difficult to let go of defined ideas about ‘getting things right’ when it comes to making art and especially making drawings. Therefore this sessions is designed to focus on process and not product, to create interesting results that allow you to experiment and have fun with drawing and mark making. The workshop is designed to challenge your idea of what drawing is and what it can be. It’s a fast moving and dynamic workshop that’s lots of fun !

Drawing from Paintings

This workshop is suitable for all levels.

Drawing from paintings is a wonderful way to enhance your art history knowledge and improve your drawing skills at the same time. In this 3 hour workshop I will introduce you to 5 paintings from selected art galleries around the world- previously we have visited the National Gallery in London, The Prado in Madrid, the Louvre in Paris, The Art Institute in Chicago and many more. This term we will be studying paintings from The Gothenburg Museum of Art. During the first part of the workshop we look at the paintings together and discuss them in depth – you then choose which painting you want draw for the rest of the time. It’s always such an interesting few hours – with lots of laughs and learning along the way.