Not only is Sam an incredible and unique artist, she is also an exceptional teacher. I came away from her classes inspired and renewed with an increase in my skill level.

I can’t recommend Sam Marshall’s workshops more highly!  I have taken three workshops from Sam and intend to take more.  Sam is so generous with her assistance, advice and shares knowledge from her extensive artistic experience.  The workshops are well organized and timed for participants in the UK as well as the USA.  Because her later workshop was full, I got up at 6 in the morning (EST US) to participate.  It was worth it!

As someone who dabbled with linocutting back in the 1970s and early 80s I was in dire need of both a refresher and more education on how to undertake linocutting as a form of printmaking. Sam Marshall is an accomplished printmaker and linocut artist and offers a series of courses on the subject. I have taken 3 courses now from Sam, an introductory course on simple one colour printing, a second course on multi-colour reduction printing where parts of the block are sequentially removed for the application of a series of colours, and finally a multi-block course for colour printing using a block for each colour. Sam provided the instruction and guidance I needed to get back into linocutting and to significantly improve my skills. Through Sam’s instruction, in addition to technique, I learned of materials to use and suppliers for these materials that I have subsequently contacted.. Sam ’s cheery disposition and deep knowledge of the subject meant the courses, on line during this pandemic period, were a real pleasure, inspirational and if you are interested in linocut printmaking I highly recommend Sam’s courses.

I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed the ‘Introduction to Lino’ and the ‘Three colour block’ lino classes. As a complete beginner, the instructions sent out before the class about method and equipment were invaluable. Having had some rudimentary kit for about a year, it was only having done these classes that I gained the confidence to really have a go at lino printing, and now I’m hooked! There is certainly masses to explore and so much to learn.I was amazed at how well the class worked via zoom!. It was easy to forget about the technology and it felt like being in a small art class with Sam able to see everyone’s work easily and offer very specific advice on how to proceed.Sam was super encouraging, even when I showed her my far too ambitious plans.It was so interesting to be in a class and chat with people from all over the world, Australia, Canada, USA, and UK too.

It was a lovely way to spend a lockdown afternoon, and I’ve spent much time since trying to complete my print satisfactorily.

Many thanks Sam for giving excellent tuition and inspiration.