Every month I run a variety of one day print making workshops from my studio. For the beginner then the ‘Introduction to linocut’ is a good place to start. The ‘Reduction linocut’ workshop is suitable for students who have completed the ‘Intro’ workshop or have previous linocut experience. The ‘drypoint’ workshop is a great introduction to ‘Intaglio’ printmaking and is suitable for anyone who loves drawing and wants to extend their practice into print.

All the courses run from 10-4pm. They cost £50 with all materials and homemade cake included !

I limit the numbers to 4 students per workshop to ensure everyone gets individual tuition and attention.

I’m happy to run workshops during the week if you can gather together 3 or more people together – do email if you would like to organise a day.


Introduction to Linocut

This is a day long workshop where you are introduced to the basics of linocut. In the morning you will experiment with a range of tools and produce an experimental print and in the afternoon you will carve and print your own design, you will have the opportunity to print on a hand lever press and my own etching press.

Saturday 21st September – FULL

Saturday 19th October – FULL

Saturday 16th November – FULL

If the workshops are full then do email me and I will see what I can do to accommodate you.

Reduction Linocut

Suitable for students who have completed the ‘Introduction to Linocut’ workshop or already have experience with linocut.

In reduction linocut (otherwise known as suicide linocut), the design is produced from one single linocut block, layering up the colour each time the linocut is cut. This technique is a challenging way to produce an edition of prints, as by the end of the session there will be little to none left of your linocut block! Detailed instructions will be given before the start of the workshop so you will come prepared with your own design and clear about what will be achieved during the day.

Sunday 17th November – FULL ( please email me if interested though and I will try to  arrange extra dates)



Colour linocut 

Suitable for students who have completed the ‘Introduction to Linocut’ workshop or already have experience with linocut.

In this workshop you will be working with 3 separate linocut blocks for each different colour. You will learn how to design, carve and print a multi-block linocut in the colours of your choice and how to register the different layers. At the end of the day you will have printed small edition of your linocut. Detailed instructions will be sent beforehand so you come prepared for the session!

Sunday 20th October – FULL ( please email me if interested though and I will try to  arrange extra dates)



Drypoint workshops will resume in 2020

Drypoint is a wonderfully direct method of ‘intaglio’ printmaking where the image is drawn directly into the surface of the plate. It is referred to as ‘dry’ because no acids are used. This simple process is perfect for anyone who enjoys drawing and would like to extend their practice into printmaking. During the day you will have the opportunity to draw onto the special drypoint plastic using a variety of tools. You will then use my etching press to print your image and create a small edition of prints



The August 2019 issue of the wonderful ‘Mollie Makes’ magazine contains an article all about me for their ‘Meet the Maker’ feature. It was such an enjoyable process and I’m so happy with the final pages.


The 2019 August issue of features a lovely article about my work and workshops. Thank you to Clare Rudd Jones who attended a workshop and wrote the lovely piece!



In September 2018 my local magazine ‘Stamford Living’ wrote an article about my work and workshops – it proved very fruitful with all workshops filling up within one week of publication!


             In March 2017 I was lucky enough to have an article about my classes published in the local NENE LIVING magazine. Here it is for you to read :



I’m delighted to be featured in this AMAZING book – HOUSE OF CARDS. It’s a superb guide to contemporary greeting card design. My chapter shows you how to make a handmade linocut card – step by step! The book is full of inspiring tutorials and demonstrations. I can’t recommend the book highly enough if you want to get creative and crafty!